pajama party

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Look at these two cuties in their matching jammies.

I love, love, love these girls and their beautiful friendship.

On a sidenote: What is it about girls and sleepovers?
We've already had numerous little girl friends spend the night in the two weeks that school has been out, but the boys never, ever ask to have a sleepover.

hmmmm...any thoughts?


No Greater Love said...

They are SO cute. I'll tell Elijah you'd like him to spend the night more often....I'm sure he'd oblige.

Nikki said...

They ARE adorable!!! Fun times and great memories! LOVE IT!!!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

As my daughter said on the way to their last sleep-over...why do we call them sleep-overs we should call them stay-awake overs.

I think it is the relational stay up all night talking that appeals to girls. Boys are more active. Perhaps if they could play football all night it might appeal to them more.

Peter and Nancy said...

I have no explanation . . . but I can verify that it's not just your boys who don't think of sleepovers! Super cute girls in their jammies. :o)

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