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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Stephen Yuankai
(Kai Kai)


As recently dubbed by Jadon,
"Kai Kai cutie-guy".

Okay, I know that I'm a little bit biased, but I really think that he is just over-the-top cute!

He's 8 years old (8 months older than Grace).
He lives in Shandong, China.
He's tiny, tiny (smaller than Grace, we think).
He's been described as "extra spectacular," "exceptional," "endearing," "compassionate," and as having a  "special spirit that teaches others".


We got our PA (pre-approval) in just 6 days!!!
Our homestudy update is done (we met with our social worker last night and she said that she was sending it to our agency before she left to go out of town this morning).
We're getting together all of the dossier requirements.
And we're working like crazy to get this precious boy home to us as soon as possible!!!

Woo hoo!!!


Peter and Nancy said...

I've been watching my blog feed for this!! He is such a cutie, and it looks like he has a seriously vibrant personality, if these photos are any indication. Many congratulations to your whole family!

Sally-Girl! said...

Be biased!!! he is a cutie!!!

Colista said...

Wow o Wow...This is terrific.

He is quite the cutie pie if I do say so myself. :):)

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Glad things are moving quickly.

Debora said...

He's just darling. Congratulations! I love how God leads.

No Greater Love said...

Sooooo cute. :) I cannot wait to meet this "cutie-guy."

Lisa said...

Aaahhhhh!!!! Congrats! He is ADORABLE!!!!

Naomi said...

I am in awe of what the Lord has done. And you are right, he is simply gorgeous!!!

Praying that He will be home soon!!!

Chad and Kristy said...

He is so precious and I am so happy for you!

Nikki said...

Melt my heart! He's beyond cute and his spirit seems to shine through in the pictures!!! So excited for where God's leading you!!!

Gwen said...

OK, how cute is he?? :) Soooo excited for you!! Congrats!

Cheri said...

Wow! I've been out of town and I get to come home to read this! Congratulations! He's quite handsome (he'll fit right in).

James, Dawn and Family said...

HOOORAY!!!I can't wait for our turn soon.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Sarah, you are absolutely right, your Stephen Yuankai--is over the top cute! Better yet, by the sounds of things, Kai Kai (and his precious personality) is headed right where he belongs. He already sounds like one of yours . . . "compassionate" . . . "endearing" . . . "special spirit"--I guess that would be because this is what the Lord had planned for him! No wonder you were so smitten by this little man months ago!

Congratulations to all of you! I can't wait to see this sweet boy, who already has your heart, wrapped up in your arms!

Much love,


Brad and Renae said...

Her is very cute - such a bright spirit. So very happy for you. Isn't it funny how quickly things can move with God?

Serving the King said...

Yay!! So happy for you and good gracious that smile on him!! Gorgeous!! Congratulations momma!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh ya...he seriously belongs in your family:) He is super precious!!!!! I am over the moon with joy for you and your family AND Kai Kai:)

Julie Coleman, Freelance Editor said...

Oh, my gosh--what a cutie! Congratulations again!!!

Kristen said...

I literally let out a gasp when I saw his precious face!! Simon looked at me like, "What's going on?" HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!! I am THRILLED for him and you and your family!!! I will be praying that your dossier flies!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

Love you tons sweet friend!!

Jenn said...

ohmygoodness!!!! Such a darling boy!!!

Maybe we will meet up in China! :)

Jean said...

Oh MY, Oh My- he is so adorable!

He has so much personality- I love him!!

Thank you for sharing!!

Difference2This1 said...

Wow!! He is a cutie!!! We looking forward to hearing all about him tomorrow!!!! :)

Blessings, Jennifer

Shine Like Stars said...

Amazing!! :)

Shine Like Stars said...
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