Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Jadie isn't feeling so hot.

Or...he's feeling really hot.
(103.7 hot)

Jadon had two vaccines yesterday. Our doctor said that the fever is probably not from the vaccinations, but that he most likely has a virus. I'm not so sure. Does anyone have experience with vaccines and fevers?


Cheri said...

Poor fella! My Jack had a severe reaction when he had his 15 month shots. The docs said he had a virus, but I believed it was a reaction. It got worse and he was sick for a while. I refused any more shorts. My doc kicked me out of her practice. He hasn't had a shot since. I hope your son starts feeling better soon.

Peter and Nancy said...

The first 3 times Anya Rashi had vaccines, she spiked fevers over 102. After that, not so much -- she is due for multiple vaccines this summer before kindergarten though . . . not looking forward to that. I do wonder, though, if they tend to pick up viruses at the doctor's office. Each time they pick up a book or touch anything, I wonder who touched it last and what they were visiting the doc for!! Hope your sick little one feels better soon,

No Greater Love said...

I am convinced that Elijah and Caleb got fevers after shots. At least one time they did...not all times. I do not think it was just coincidence. If you google "vaccinations cause fevers" you will get real medical sites saying fevers are a reaction to vaccinations. :)

Shonni said...

I am so sorry! I will be praying for this,sweet one!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

It makes sense that the body would respond with fever after a vaccination. They are to build the immune system and to train your body to fight. We just had one of ours have shots and they said he might get a fever two or three days later. But that was based on which shot it was for. And I don't remember which two might cause the fever and which one wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

our littlest guy gets VERY high fevers the night of his vaccinations :(

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