Word of the Week...ADVENTUROUS!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you remember this post?
It's the one where I shared the quote from an adoption website that stated, "The Ind*a program is a good option for adventurous families."

Well, can I just say that I think our God is having a good chuckle right about now?!

On Sunday, a sweet sister shared during our worship service that God gave her a word about people being adventurous for God. She actually used that word (adventurous)...
and over
and over again.

Okay, God.

I get the point.
You're not asking me to take the easy route.
You're asking our family to join You on an adventure!

And even though I don't really feel like being adventurous right now, I am taking this word and claiming it as my own! This is my word of the week...

What a privilege it is to love and serve our amazing God, who takes us on such wonderful adventures!
(We'd sure appreciate your prayers as we follow Him in this path!)

What adventurous thing is God calling you to this week?!


Nikolyn said...

yell, "jironimo!" (or however you spell it)....and charge the mountain, Sarah.

Nikki said...

An adventure is a good way of putting your journey to R....praying this adventure takes a good turn this week!! HUGS!

No Greater Love said...

Absolutely...He wants His people to have an adventurous spirit!!! Nerves of steel. :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Adventurous?! I guess you could say that . . . :o) So good that you had that sweet little confirmation during this week where you're waiting for news!

Cedar said...

Adventure...good word. Praying for you and your adventure today.

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