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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few years ago, I noticed a sign around town that advertised the first annual "hair-raiser". Numbers of people were gathering together to donate to locks of love. My hair wasn't long enough to donate, but my older daughters' hair qualified. I asked my girls if they wanted to donate their hair and Lily jumped at the chance! After Yana saw Lily's hair, she too, decided to donate. What fun!

While we were at the "hair-raiser", I spoke to a woman who was probably in her 60's. I told her that my hair was super-thin and that it would never be long enough to donate. She then explained that she had been growing her hair out for years and felt honored to be able to finally donate.

"Someone will be glad to have a few gray wisps in their wig, and that makes me so very happy."

Truly, this woman had a heart of love.

So, when I saw the sign around town for the 4th annual hair-raiser, I was reminded of this woman's love. I told David that I thought I might donate my hair since it was finally long enough.

Sweet Grace jumped into the conversation, exclaiming, "I want to donate my hair too!" I thought that she might change her mind after a couple of days, but she is adamant.

Sooooo, I need your help! I loved Grace's hair like this...

Do y'all have any other ideas?

I'm thinking of something like this for myself...

or this...

But, I'd love your thoughts/ideas!

My Lil' is also thinking of donating her hair again. Her hair grows incredibly fast! I think this would look super-cute on her (please ignore the outfit on this girl!).

Thanks for your input, friends! The hair-raising event is next Sunday!


Cheri said...

I like the second blonde cut for you and I really like the chin length bobs on the girls. It is so good for the girls to donate their hair. Ivy's was long enough to donate, but not the other 2.

Nichole said...

I LOVE this idea! Allie and I have talked about her donating her hair someday...what an amazing thing for a little girl to do! I LOVE the second blondes could totally pull it off and I really love that last haircut too! I like the chunky bang look! I wish I had straight hair!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love all of them and they would all be so precious on you!!!!! and do NOT wish you had thin, straight hair:) I have it and it does nothing but lay there! lol

No Greater Love said...

Ha...see the vote is in. It is the 2nd picture. :) I like that last pic for Lil, too. :)

Wendy said...

I think the second blond would look amazing on you and I adore the chin length cuts for the girls. My sister needed a wig and it was wonderful for her to get one made from human looked so nice and made her feel so much better to have the feel of real hair vs the fake stuff. Thank you for doing this for others.

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