a good place to be

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, let me clarify...
It doesn't feel like a good place to be.

Not at all.
(Not even a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty bit!)

But, it is a good place to be.
The best place, in fact.

You see,
we love a little girl in Ind*a with all of our hearts.
We care deeply about her life.
We would give anything to bring her home to us.

But there is absolutely nothing more that we can do.

And that, my friends, is just the place where God can work a miracle.

"It is the very time for faith to work, when sight ceases. The greater the difficulties, the easier for faith. As long as there remain certain natural prospects, faith does not get on even as easily (if I may say so) as when all natural prospects fail."
George Muller

All natural prospects have failed.
But, our God has not failed.
He is always faithful.

And our faith rests not in our circumstances,
or in what we can see.

Our faith rests in our Faithful God.

So, you see, we are in a very good place...
a very good place, indeed!


Naomi said...

Your faith astounds me continually Sarah! You are such an example to me that when we reach the end of ourselves we find the beginning of God! You are in good place....

love you friend,

Praying always,


Sally-Girl! said...

I would have a hard time accepting that good place! You are better than I! However, with that said I do ultimately trust our Maker on who, when, how and why He creates our families!!

Sarah said...

Naomi, my faith falters daily (even hourly!), but our good Father is always faithful. Thank you for your prayers. I so desperately need them.

Sally, I don't always accept this good place, but our Father is even bigger than my lack of faith. He is so very good.

Nichole said...

Your continued faith in His plan inspires me! We will continue to pray for God make things happen so that your sweet R can come home!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Dear one,

I woke up praying for your sweet R this morning,
and for you, my precious friend. Praying that He would move a miraculous mountain for R and for your family. Oh Lord, our hope is in you!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Praying God would cause the mountain to crumble before your eyes.

I know it's hard. :(


Serving the King said...

You amaze me. Been thinking about you lately! Hugs to you!

holly said...


I desperately need to get ahold of you!

I would love to chat with you on the phone!

Love you so much!


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