our only hope

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our beautiful Jesus has been impressing upon my heart that our only hope is in Him.

Yesterday, at our church, 15 of my precious brothers and sisters gave testimony to what the Risen Savior has accomplished in their lives in this past year.
He is changing people through His resurrection and it is a beautiful thing.

He is our hope.

Today, I know that R.'s life lays completely in our Precious Savior's hands. And though, in my flesh, I think that I can do something to change the situation, I know in my heart that this is simply foolishness.

He is R.'s hope.

So, today, I place her life completely in His very capable hands, knowing that He must move mountains for her to come home to us...knowing that I can never accomplish what must be done...but He can.

He truly is our only hope.


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Nichole said...

Continued prayers for you and for sweet R!

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