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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A few days ago, David and I were looking at a website regarding Ind*an adoptions. On the website it stated,

"The Ind*a program is a great option for adventurous families!"


I think that I could have passed as "adventurous" 20 years ago, but now...?
Not so much.

Our God has such a sense of humor,
and He knows just what we need.
He's faithful like that.
I wouldn't have chosen such an "adventurous" option.
But He knew that I needed just this sort of "adventure."

You see,
I needed to grow in faith.
I needed to have my boundaries stretched.
I needed to come to the point of complete dependance upon Him.

I had been relying too much on my self,
on my abilities,
on my capacity to work things out on my own.

I really thought that I had it pretty much together.

But, I didn't.

And He needed to show that to me.
He needed to show me that without Him, I am incapable of anything good. I had been inwardly taking credit for the things that He was doing in my life, instead of falling on my knees in gratitude for all that He had given.

I've been reading (and reading, and re-reading) the last five chapters of Job. It is so beautiful and has been a precious balm to my soul. Job was a righteous man, but pride got in the way. When God made this evident to Job, Job's response was to repent in dust and ashes.

Job didn't try to justify himself. He knew that He had been completely wrong to take credit for what God had done in His life. And Job valued his relationship with God above every other thing. So, Job fell down before his Lord and worshiped, and their relationship was restored.

Our precious Father is teaching me that He is completely faithful.
He always redeems.
He always does good.
It only makes sense to put my complete trust in Him, rather than in my own understanding.

This adoption journey is an "adventure", and I am so very grateful that I can place that "adventure" directly into the very capable hands of the Ever-Faithful One, the All-Together Lovely One, the One Who Loves Beyond Compare.

He is teaching me about true faith.
May I always be willing and ready to follow Him in this kind of "adventure."


No Greater Love said... beautiful, Sarah. I need to get you a copy of what the, "Tuning into Grace" book says about Job. :) It is so good.....

Love you so much!

Nikolyn said...

praying....and happy to follow this journey you are on. hang in there.

Gwen said...

Hang in there! And I thought China was adventurous-- but in retrospect, it really was a relatively smooth process. :)

Difference2This1 said...

An adventure? Sounds like a vaction brochure :)

I think I told you a while international adoption dr. told me that India was "not for the faint of heart". Which you are not. Because you have a strong heart since in seek Him in all you do. I have to guess that's why He called you there...'cause He knew you would see it through, no matter how hard it was. Praying for the day this mission is complete and she is home safe and sound with you. Blessings, Jennifer

holly said...

So glad all of us are on this "adventure" together!

Can't wait fot the destination to be in sight and we have our children with us for the next leg of the journey!

Naomi said...

Yes in answer to your question on my blog! Just let me know :)

Cristy said...

So encouraging to read about other families on this adventure! Praying some major exciting news will happen soon on your journey.

The Byrd's Nest said...

"Adventurous" must mean...walking by faith and not by sight because that is what your family is doing my sweet sister:)

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