the blessing of friendship

Saturday, March 24, 2012

 My boys honestly have the most amazing friends. Every single one of them is wonderful, but these three are particularly amazing.




I mean, really, look at that photo of Caleb!
David had asked me to watch the grill. I was sitting down for a moment, and Caleb came out the back door. So, what did he do then? Did he sit at the picnic table, ready to eat? No! He noticed the grill and started taking care of dinner. Oh my goodness! He was soooo cute (and a talented grill-master, as well).

And listen to some of the things that they wrote on Jadon's birthday cards!
"May the Lord bless you with more of His spirit, wisdom, love, maturity, joy, and a servant's heart."
"I cannot say how much of a blessing you are to me. Your smile and energy always make my day brighter...I pray that you will be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding and you will have a revelation of his love for you."

These boys truly know how to love at a high level.
They are such a blessing!

It was so much fun having all of the boys (and a couple of girls) over for Jadon's birthday. We truly are blessed with wonderful friends for our children. All of their parents have surely done a great job!

Praying that your children are experiencing the blessing of these kinds of friendships, as well!!!


No Greater Love said...

Oh my goodness, my kids had such a good time. They were so sad that we picked them up. :) Thank you a MILLION times over for watching them during our adoption classes. :) We love you guys SO MUCH!

Difference2This1 said...

How cool to have such awesome boys around!!! :)

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