walking all the way

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You must believe utterly. My Love can bear nothing less. I am so often 'wounded in the house of My friends.' Do you think the spitting and scorn of My enemies, the mocking and reviling hurt me? No!
'They all forsook Him and fled.' 'I know not the man.' These left their scars.
So now, it is not the unbelief of My enemies that hurts, but that My friends, who love and know Me, cannot walk all the way with Me, and doubt My Power to do all that I have said.
God Calling, October 26

Dear Jesus, give me the faith, the strength and the joy of walking all the way with You. You are so completely worthy!

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No Greater Love said...

This is beautiful. ;) I picked up sermons by George MacDonald this morning...(I should have bought you this for your birthday) is so beautiful. It is all about the only way to "know" God is to "obey." It sort of goes along with "walking all the way" because to walk with Him, means obedience. Anyway...lots to ponder. As usual.

Cheri said...

Wow! Did I ever need that today. Thanks.

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