three mamas

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It was the year 2000.
In three very different places in the world, there were three very different women.
But these women had one thing in common.
They were all pregnant.
In fact, their due dates were within days of one another.

The first woman lived in a small village in China.
She was poor.
This was her first child.
She hoped for a son to carry on the family name.

The second woman lived in Ind*a.
She was also very poor.
She may have had other children.
She, too, probably hoped that this child would be a boy.

The third woman lived in the United States.
She was not wealthy by her country's standards,
but she was certainly rich by the world's standards.
She had access to medical care and healthy food and all of the comforts of a first world country.
This woman didn't know it yet,
but she was carrying twins.

It was October 8.
The three women were almost half-way through their pregnancies.
But the third woman would suffer today.
She would lose the babies.
She would feel as if she would die from the grief.

A few months later (on the day before the third woman's original due date),
the second woman would give birth to a little girl.
Because of poverty,
or because of gender,
this mama could not keep her new baby.
She would feel as if she would die from the grief.

One week later,
the first woman would give birth to her baby.
It was a son!
But, because he had a medical condition that she and her husband could not afford,
they could not keep their baby boy.
She would feel as if she would die from the grief.

It is eleven years from the day that the third woman suffered so greatly.
She lost two babies on that day.
She felt as if she would die from the grief.

But, God.

On this day, eleven years later, she hugged the first woman's son
(who was now her beloved son).
On this day, she prayed for the second woman's daughter
(who would soon become her long-treasured daughter).

And though no one could ever replace the two babies that she lost,
there has been redemption in the third woman's life.

Oh dear God,
may there be redemption for all three mamas today.
May these women no longer feel as if they would die from the grief,
but may they know that their son and their daughter are
dearly loved

May we all experience it

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eliz said...

beautiful! (((HUG)))

No Greater Love said...

I love you...and am thinking about you today!

Difference2This1 said...

The way the story continues....only God could author it. You just keep doing what you are doing Sarah...because you are an amazing woman with a heart so big His work shines through you. Your family is completely blessed to have you as a Mama.

Naomi said...

Wow! That should be a book!

Are you the third woman? I did not know your story.

You truly are a gift from Jesus to so many of us!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I did not know this about you my friend....praying for your Momma heart and the other two Momma's as well:) So much loss much grief...but God's hands are on everyone:) Love you friend

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my goodness, you have me crying. That is, without a doubt, the sweetest, most heartfelt thing I've ever read. Absolutely beautiful!

Praying you get to hold your sweet R soon.


Nikolyn said...

wow. really, wow. I'm blown away by God, and by you. So, so glad I know you. praying this week, no matter what news you got last week. Things change all. the. time.

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

what a beautiful story...thank you for writing encouraging, redemptive words...may we all experience the healing of the true Healer...

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