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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

is some news of our girl?!

(we are so ready!)

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Shonni said...

I pray that it is soon!!!!!

Naomi said...

The wait seems endless but there will be an end!! God intends it to be good and to give your daughter a future and a hope.



Anonymous said...

I was just napping with Josh and I bolted straight up out of a hazy sleep. And I knew that I was supposed to come down and write to you and tell you this. It was like this was clearly told to me. And I am sort of not wired this way and I thought, really? She needs to hear about this thing I read in a yoga book yesterday? But yes, it wouldn't leave me alone. I thought, I am going to eat lunch first. No, you cannot, the voice inside said. Okay. So, Sarah and David, it seems that your journey towards R. has been very ripe with imagery and dreams. Please just spend a few moments visualizing R. in your family and in your home. See her on your coach reading with Adam or eating at the table with Yana etc. And then let it go. (This is an exercise I read about yesterday in a book I am reading for my yoga certification by a respected Indian Yogi). Okay, I did my duty. I delivered the message. Praying for you.

Joy in the Journey! said...

Have been praying, and will keep praying!

Lord send good news to sweet Sarah this week! Send good news in honor of your precious child R whom you love and adore!

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