Oh my goodness gracious...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

could it really have been 13 years ago tonight
that your daddy and I were walking down 38th Avenue,
hoping that you would be born?

It was 3 am, and not a very friendly neighborhood,
but we didn't care because we so badly wanted to meet you. 

And then, there you were
(not on 38th avenue, but in the hospital a few hours later),
precious and small
and perfect in every way.

Oh how we loved our new little boy.

Adam, you have been a delight to your dad and I since the day you were born.
We were so inexperienced,
but you made it easy on us.

Even as a little boy, you were sweet and kind and cared about others more than yourself.

I remember the one time that you pushed another child.
I sat you up on the counter, looked into your teary eyes, and told you that you could never do that again.

And you never did.

As you've grown, your dad and I have been so grateful for how you value people, rather than things.
I love the way that you love...
so fully and so generously.
You always see the best in others and love them for who they are.

From the time that you were three years old until you were ten, I prayed a special prayer for you every single night.
I prayed that you would know God in ways that I could not even think or imagine.

When you were ten, that prayer was answered.
God met you in a special way at that time in your life. You began to have a depth of love for God that even at age 30 (when I began praying that prayer), I couldn't have imagined possible.

Your love for God has grown even more since that time.
It is a joy to see you worship.
I love to see how you give yourself to God in prayer.
I love to hear how God speaks to you.
All of these things are a delight to my soul.

Adam, it is so much fun to be with you.
You get your serious side from both your dad and me.
But, dad has a little bit of craziness wrapped up in all of that seriousness.
And I'm glad that you have that same fun-loving spirit.
(I think that your brother is glad about that too!!!)

Adam, I know that you never look for praise from people.
You don't want to be noticed for the things that you do.
But, I can't help but thank God for the sort of young man that you are becoming.
You are a gift, my precious son.

Happy 13th Birthday, Adam.
We love you...
to the moon and back.

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No Greater Love said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!!! And it is true...every word your mom wrote. You are the most incredible lover of God. You bless us all with your zeal and passion to know Him more!!!

I love you so much.

Aunt Mer

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday! My son turns 13 soon, too. I love being mom to my boys.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Happy Birthday Adam! You sound like such a special young man:)

Gwen said...

Such a beautiful post for a special young man! Happy birthday!

Mrs. L. said...

Have it really been 13 years ago when I met Adam?? Wow!! Happy, happy birthday Adam!!

Sarah, I'm so glad that God gave you Adam. He has been a wonderful blessing for you and David!

God is awesome!

Waitingfaithfully said...

What a beautiful post Sarah, mama of a teenager!

Happy Birthday Adam! Looking forward to the things the Lord has in store for you, as you continue to seek Him and walk in His way!



Anonymous said...

Whoa! 13. Let me just tell you to hold on for the transformation of a lifetime. Between about 13 and 14, when boys sort of just accelerate into men, the difference is vast, extreme. Girls move forward much more slowly. The difference isn't as jarring. It is rewarding to see your son turn into a man, but treasure these last few months of "boy," cause it goes so fast. Almost mind-boggling. (By the way, these are just some wonderful pictures that you posted here).
love, heidi

Brad and Renae said...

Love this post, Sarah... he sounds awesome! ~Renae

Difference2This1 said...

So sweet Sarah. Happy Birthday to you Adam!

Blessings, Jennifer

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

Happy Birthday to your son! My son also turned 13 on this same day...Sept. 17!!! How wild that we had sons born on the exact same day!?! (I'm still working on his birhtday post!)

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! You're officially a teenager!!

What a blessing you are to your family!!

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