he's a saver

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The other day, I was looking up in the boy's closet for their box of too-big clothes.
Instead of clothing, I came across this...

Yeah, it's September.
And yeah, that's a half-eaten Easter bunny.

Actually, it was a whole Easter bunny, but David told Adam that he HAD to eat some of it.
So, Adam obliged his daddy...
maybe he'll eat the other half in another month or two.

That Adam...he's definitely a saver.

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No Greater Love said...

That is so funny, Sarah! So, who does he take after in this "saving" or David?

Gwen said...

My older brother was like that. He would save his Halloween and Easter candy for MONTHS! It drove me (I've always had a sweet tooth) crazy! :)
Does he save other stuff or mainly candy?

Cheri said...

Oh, wow! Not unlike Joy. She still has a red heart lollipop in her drawer, hidden from her sisters.

Joy in the Journey! said...

Oh, my goodness! That is hilarious! I have to say that chocolate bunny would not have been saved in our house, so very impressive!

Sarah said...

Ha! Meredith, I think that you know the answer to that question, as I'm no saver...but I'd like to think that I'm spending for the Kingdom!

And Gwen, he does save money, but mostly so that he can buy presents for people. He LOVES buying presents.

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