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Monday, March 23, 2009

One thing that I so appreciate about liturgical churches are the seasons of the year. Our church is actually both liturgical and charismatic (I know that there aren't a lot of those out there!), and I am so enjoying this lenten season. God is revealing to me how I find comfort in things, rather than in Him, alone.

I know that for many people, when they hear the word "lent," they think of their Catholic friends who had to "give up" candy when they were kids, or who had to eat fish on Fridays. These practices have a beautiful history and can be extremely meaningful in the right context. But they are certainly not the whole (or even the beginning) of the celebration of lent.

For myself, I realized that I had been gaining too much comfort from things like coffee in the morning, chocolate in the evening, or spending time on the computer. Please understand, I don't think that any of these things are bad. I actually think that they are all pretty wonderful. The problem was my attitude. When I was feeling a little low (perhaps one of the kid's math lessons didn't go so well, or one of my children was having a problem with whining), a piece of chocolate might pick me up, or reading someone's blog might take my mind off of things. Instead of seeking my Father, who loves me and wants to talk to me at any and all times, I was seeking satisfaction in a cup of strong coffee (with a lot of half-n-half). How crazy is this?!

Yet, God always pursues us and He has been speaking to my heart. He wants to fill me with His loving presence and power! He wants me to depend on Him for all things. I want so much more of Him, and and as I resist the temptation to run to momentary diversions for comfort, I end up hungering more and more for Him. Oh, how I pray that this hunger would continue to grow! I must have more of Him! I have been satisfied with crumbs (as a precious sister shared with me), when He has a feast prepared!

So, I revel in this lenten season, this season of seeking Him more deeply. And as we approach the celebartion of His glorious resurrection, I anticipate a greater measure of His presence and grace. What an adventure it is to seek King Jesus! He truly is good!

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Jill and Rick said...

Beautiful post, Sarah.


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