home (part 3)...and a giveaway!

Monday, July 22, 2013

We're buying a convent!
(And it's our new home!)

I've been waiting to write that for a long time.

Seriously. I'm giggling right now. We are soooo excited!

It's not huge...just a cozy little convent (as far as convents go). But, it's got plenty of space in which we can minister to children and adults. It's got a bedroom downstairs where our good friend, David, is going to live (Yay!!!!). It's got ample space for prayer and for meetings. And it's got more than enough space for a swing set, a zip line, chickens, a garden, apple trees and goats.

Right there in the middle of Kansas City!

How fun is that??!!!

I'm thinking about possible new blog names.
(I am way overdue for a new blog header. Yikes! That family photo is over 4 years old!)

So how about this for a blog name?
"Six kids, growing up in a convent in the hood."
"We ain't no nuns."
(Okay. Maybe not that one.)

hmmmm...that gives me an idea.
How about a little giveaway?
I'd love to send someone a copy of one of my favorite books (it was life-changing for me).

So, here's the deal.
Suggest a new blog name in the comment section.
Feel free to make as many suggestions/comments as you'd like!
Then, I'll choose my favorite, use it as my new blog name, and send the person who suggested it, this book.

And if you'd like to see a picture of our new home, you can check it out here.

Yay! I love it!!!


No Greater Love said...

I totally was going to say, "Growing up in the Hood." Do not put six kids....cause you'll just end up having to change that someday.

Nikolyn said...

"6 kids Heaven-sent....livin in a Convent" (or 7, or 8...or)

Cheri said...

How exciting for you!! Yes, you are way over due for a new and all.
"Nations in Kansas", considering the nationalities of you younguns.

Aus said...

I got this one - "Heaven in the 'hood" - because where your family is - so is our own little slice of Heaven!

hugs - Blessings on your journey!

aus and co.

Peter and Nancy said...

Convent Adventures, or KC Convent Adventures . . . and I was thinking about the word "habit", but couldn't get anywhere. Your new home sounds perfect!

Jean said...

Sounds wonderful! Only He could have planned this!

Some one else has urban servant which I love!

I need to think about it a little more....
The inner city servants
I'm not crazy about the term hood for a blod name.
How about
Our mission and our ministry
Grace in the city
I am going to keep thinking!

Aaron and Julie Fraley said...

So excited for you! How about...

Un-convent-ionally Urban

Now I am going to have to start looking for an old convent - sounds like the perfect place for a pastor with a big family :)

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