He cared, before we even knew him...

Monday, July 29, 2013

With each of our adoptions, we have discovered miraculous ways that God intervened in our children's lives before we even knew them. From miracles about their names to miracles regarding their health and survival, each of these discoveries reminds us that our Father cared for our children and held them in His heart, when we could not. He has never left them alone. He has always been with them.
About a week ago, Kaikai had an MRI that showed that he had hydrocephalus, Arnold Chiari malformation and tethered cord. Our doctor called us and he also called the neurosurgeon's office. I talked with them both. They urged us to make an appointment for Kaikai as soon as possible.

Today, feeling just a bit of trepidation, we visited the neurosurgeon's office. He told us that Kaikai did indeed have enlarged ventricles and that 80% of children with spina bifida need to be shunted. But, Kaikai does not need a shunt.

He told us that only 10% of kids with Arnold Chiari malformation need surgery, and Kaikai was definitely not in that 10%.

He told us that MRI's done on a child who had a repaired mylomeningocele would often show tethered cord, even when it wasn't tethered. He also told us that he had never seen a child with spina bifida at that location (L4 or L5) who walked as well as Kaikai walks!

Friends, these are miracles! Our sweet son may not have survived in China if he had needed a shunt, or if he had needed surgery for the Chiari malformation. And, he continues to defy all of our expectations as far as walking, running, riding his bike and climbing.
Today, I am grateful for a Father who cares for the least of these. I am overwhelmed by a King who has "compassion on the poor and needy" (Psalm 72:13). And I am so very thankful that our little boy has been never been forgotten by our generous and loving God. Our Father cared for Kaikai before we even knew him.


No Greater Love said...

Yay!!!!!!! Praise God! Sooooooo excited for Kaikai!

Peter and Nancy said...

That is amazing -- what a comfort to know God was taking care of Kaikai, and how wonderful to hear such great news at the doctor!

Sally-Girl! said...

Awww! I love this post!!! Gives me peace in getting Laney so soon!! He is caring for her and whatever her needs maybe now and when we bring her home!!

Your kaikai is adorable!!

Aus said...

Thanks for seeing the miracle in that - many would fail to see the Hand of God there!

Great joy for you guys - hugs - aus and co.

Cheri said...

I love our Amazing God! I really needed to hear this. Especially this morning. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

So amazing! And he is just the cutest little bug I have ever seen!

Nikolyn said...

and because of who God is.....he came to your home so that you could shout praise and glory to glad he is your son, Sarah and David!

April said...

This is amazing and I am happy for you all, especially KaiKai.

I am going to miss you and his sweet smile at dance.

Can't wait to see what the Lord will do with your family in KC>

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