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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part 1 is two posts might want to start reading there.

After taking some time to process our decision with others, and to seek confirmation from the Lord, we felt confident that we were to move forward in going to Kansas City. We, therefore, planned a premliminary trip out to Kansas City to meet people, pray about where to live and look at housing options. I can't exactly say that the trip was a great success. In fact, though some good things happend and we met some amazing people, it was pretty stressful, overall. We left Kansas City with a plan to potentially buy two houses (that were side-by-side) in the suburbs, as a beginning way to start our lives together there.

Our family, then, continued on to Minnesota to visit my parents, sister, and brother. While in MN, we received a life-changing phone call from Brett. I have to back up here a bit to explain a few things: you see, after we had already decided to move to Kansas City, we formed an association with a couple who had previously been living in Kansas City. They had started a ministry/church in the inner city of Kansas that sought to be a light to the community around them. A couple of years ago, they passed the ministry on to some younger members of the community and moved to CO to oversee the planting of two churches in the area. But, now those in leadership in Kansas City believed that God was calling them to another part of the city. They couldn't leave, however, unless God brought in others who could take their place.

There are numbers of families who have invested their lives into this community through moving into the area, fixing up houses and tearing down condemned houses, reaching out to people with the love of Jesus through various ministries and bringing micro-businesses into the community. These are precious, precious people who simply want to give their lives away. And now, God is inviting us to help them do just that.

So now, instead of moving into the suburbs, we will be moving to the inner city...a big change, but a very welcome one! Moving where the physical needs are great was always in our hearts, but we had no idea that God would bring this dream to fruition so quickly! I shouldn't have been suprised, though, because He has a way of doing things that completely blows our planning and ideas out of the water! At the beginning of this journey, God spoke to me during a time of prayer. He said:

Be still, My child.
You have it in you
to get everything done.
But if you
get everything done,
you will not have the opportunity
to see Me
Rest, little one.
Be still.
Watch and see
all that I will do
before September.

So there you have it: miracles before September (we're moving August 30th). What an amazing God we serve!

In my next post, I'll share some more details about our new home. It's gonna be fun...and I think that you're going to love it, dear friends!


The Byrd's Nest said... exciting!!!!! I'm still sad for Mer...maybe God will call her there too?? :) I love you and we are praying for this move!

Sally-Girl! said...

I can't wait to read more and to follow your journey!!! You will be moving the end of August and I will bringing home a new daughter!!!!

Cheri said...

How amazing! You have so much going on in such a small amount of time!! I pray God blesses you with sweet peace.

Rebecca said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see pix!

Jean said...

Praise GOD!! I can't wait to hear more! HE is so awesome and HIS plans are the best!!

Julie said...

We live just outside of Springfield, MO. I will be praying for you and following your journey with excitement!

Peter and Nancy said...

Praying that each step is paved over the coming month . . .

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