A Mountain Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We had such a great weekend! Oma and Opa (David's parents) took us to a cabin in the mountains to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we had a wonderful time!

I think that my kids like their grandparents! : )

We all played games and worked on puzzles.

We relaxed...oh yeah, we definitely relaxed.

We smiled a lot!

And, of course, since it was Thanksgiving, we ate quite a bit, as well.

ummmm...I think that turkey leg is bigger than Grace's head!

We took this awesome family photo to send to Kaikai.

But, I see upon closer inspection, that David looks a bit psychotic in this photo (gotta love that sweet hubby of mine!).

So, this one will have to do.

And on that note, we are on day 9 of our wait for TA.
I'm pretty much thinkin' that's long enough.


Gwen said...

Such a beautiful family! :) Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope that TA comes soon!!!

Cheri said...

Beautiful photo! It looks so wonderful there. I hope you get your TA sooner than expected.

Peter and Nancy said...

Wow -- I was looking at the scenery behind you, and missed the psychotic face entirely. :o) Hoping you hear about TA this week . . .

No Greater Love said...

I did NOT miss David's psychotic face, because that is so often his "picture face." :) hee hee. I think it's the first thing I usually look for. Mike has a "picture face", too. His eyes will look half closed, like he's super mean or on drugs. We all laugh about it over here. I was praying for you this morning!!!!!

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