a little bit of whining, a new smile and I think that I'm going crazy...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Okay, the whining first...


Whew! I'm glad that I got that over with.

Now, on to other things...

like this incredible boy's new (braceless) smile!

Oh my goodness gracious! I think that Adam is so handsome. And honestly, the inside of this young man is beyond wonderful.

I know that I'm bragging here,
but Adam is such an amazing gift to everyone he meets,
and I hardly ever get to brag about him,
and I'm anticipating adopting our new son,
and just how wonderful that little boy will be,
and it makes me want to brag a little bit more about Adam,
becuase he love, love, loves every new child who comes into our family.

Shortly after we adopted Grace, she asked, in all seriousness,
"Is Adam Jesus?"

No joke.
She really thought Adam might be Jesus.

I tell you, I sooooo want to get our new little guy home,
and see him interact with all of his siblings,
and well...

you get the picture.

Yep. Definitely going a little bit crazy here.

Come on TA.

I need you!


Colista said...

Yay! for no more braces...that is something celebrate!
I hope the next cake I see says, "TA!--finally!"

I am saying a prayer for your TA to come very soon.

Ah... You have been on quite the journey.

You and Mer need to go have chocolates together to help endure your waits... or maybe you can invite her over for some cake? :)

Hang in there.

Kristen said...

I love that you got him that cake!!! And I agree that he is handsome :) So, let me do the math... handsome + loves the Lord + has an amazing heart + is a blessing to everyone = your future daughter-in-law will be blessed!!!
PRAYING that you get that TA!!! I can't wait to see KaiKai in your arms!
Much love and hugs to you!!

Sarah said...

Kristen, The orthodontist actually gave him the cake! Wasn't that nice?!!!

Jenn said...

Praying you get TA this week!!!

Both my boys got their braces off today too!! :)

No Greater Love said...

Adam you are such a handsome guy. And your love for the Lord is so BEAUTIFUL to behold.

Sarah....the waiting is torture.....Can't wait to hear that you have received your T.A.

Peter and Nancy said...

Love his new smile . . . and I love the words you're speaking about your son!

Sally-Girl! said...

He is handsome inside and out!

Praying for your TA!

Aus said...

Sarah - just have to share one of the few things I recall my Dad saying - "It's not a brag son, as long as it's true!"

No brag - truth! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Cheri said...

What a wonderful post about your son. How blessed you are! But you already know that.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Awwww.....Adam sounds amazing :) Praying for your TA!!!

Difference2This1 said...

I think it's important to "brag" on the ones who were here before adoption changed our families. Without their willingness to embrace new siblings from hard places, it would be most difficult to adopt multiple children. We have to learn tons to parent kids from hard places...and first kids in the family have to learn tons to be a sibling to a kid from hard places also. I know I couldn't do what we do without I can understand what a significant role Adam plays in your family. He is a great kid...and one of God's warriors. You are a very blessed Mama to have him!! :) Jennifer

Rebecca said...

Awww... That is the sweetest thing! What a compliment. Congratulations on the pretty teeth and prayers for that darn TA!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats for not having braces anymore!!!


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