Wednesday, September 19, 2012

David and I think that this is hilarious...

hehehe...I guess this just shows that I had a public school background that was full of people who loved heavy metal. I never liked heavy metal, but I'm finding this clip pretty funny as a 42 year old who remembers school dances that were full of Guns n Roses songs.


Lisa said...

Ha!! Our kids were watching that in the van last night and they usually use headphones, but the batteries need replaced so we were listening to it with them and we laughed all over again! That scene and pretty much the whole movie cracks us up!

No Greater Love said...

Okay...even though we are "almost" the same age (I won't say who is older...*cough* you *cough*) I cannot believe you know who Guns and Roses is. I just can't picture you listening to them EVER. :o) That is what makes me laugh the most! hee hee hee. But, I guess since you knew who the lead singer of KISS was, I shouldn't be all that surprised....I don't even know that! :o)

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha ha! My junior high (that dates me -- no "middle school" in my past!) and high school were very metal-icious. My husband just shakes his head if we radio-surf and I know the lyrics to songs he doesn't remember at all. :o)

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