Bless you, our precious son!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh my! We had such a fun time, celebrating Adam's 14th birthday on Monday. It's a real pleasure to set aside a day for Adam, since he's so willing and ready to serve every single day of the year. He blesses us with his love and good attitude each day and it's fun to be able to bless him back with a day set aside just for him.

 The girls had a good time decorating. Even the bird in the painting was ready to celebrate!

We had all of the boys from school (and church) over at our house, as well as our little neighbor friend. We played a ton of fun games, like this relay t-shirt game.

 But the hit of the party, was definitely the whip cream toss.

Can you catch it in your mouth?!!!

We played many, many rounds of this game...and we laughed and laughed and laughed!!!

After that, we played capture the flag, knock out (which is a basketball game) and everlasting tag.
These boys are taking a little breather!

Adam has such a great group of brothers in the Lord, who spur him on and encourage him. We are truly blessed by these boys.

Happy Birthday, Adam! We love you with all of our hearts! May this 14th year be filled with the many blessings of God in your life. May you seek Him, more and more. May you know Him, more and more. May your life, in increasing measure, be a testimony to the great love of our amazing God! We bless you, we bless you, we bless you, our precious son!


Nikki said...

Happy birthday Adam!!! Looks like tons of fun!! Love the whip cream toss game...that sounds right up my alley!!!

No Greater Love said...

Happy Birthday, Adam. You are such a wonderful man of God. :) May this year bring many blessings of His rich love into your life.

We love you tons.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!

I would like to pre arrange a marriage between Adam and Sarah!

That party looks like so much fun!

Difference2This1 said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! Looks like an amazing day with friends and family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this Boy.

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