Dear Mr. President

Friday, September 7, 2012

I will be the first to admit that I am not very politically savvy. I absolutely respect and appreciate those who spend time and effort being fully informed regarding politics, but I am not one of those persons. David and I do, however, encourage our children not to make statements about any political figure's character without being very sure of their facts. So, when they have come home, from time to time, repeating sweeping statements that they have heard from adults, regarding their views on politics, we've encouraged them to make sure that they don't make too quick of judgments.

Recently, we had a discussion with Lily about President Obama. We told her that we would never vote for Obama (because of his views on abortion), but that we believe he is an extremely intelligent man who does many good things. We encouraged her to pray for the president. She did that. And then she took it one step further...

(You may have to click on the letter, in order to read it.)

 Well, the letter is in the mail and I tell you what...Mr. Obama had better get out a pen and some stationary, because I don't think that Lily is going to be satisfied with another form letter! LOL
(The last time she wrote to him, was in regards to the orphan situation after the earthquake in Haiti.)
But, I guess she may give him a little bit of grace, since he is running a whole country, after all.


JJ said...

That letter was amazing. A testament to you and David for being wonderful parents. Congratulations on raising such wonderful children. Your post has taught me how to explain politics to children... Thanks!

No Greater Love said...

Wow...what a beautiful letter. I love that Lily girl. She is truly amazing.

Peter and Nancy said...

What a wonderful letter -- and I can easily see how your graciousness has rubbed off on your daughter! I love how you've explained some of the workings of politics to her, and are able to teach respect for those in leadership even when there are some things (in both parties) that you don't agree with. In this election season, I sure wish I saw more things like this . . . Very nice work, Lily!

Nikki said...

Wow!!! That letter is amazing and I'm speechless, which doesn't happen often! Wow is all I can say!!!

Julie Coleman, Freelance Editor said...

Wow, what an amazing letter! Kudos to Lily for writing it, and of course to you and David for inspiring her to be so open and generous in her thinking. The world would be so much more loving, caring, and civil if people looked at politics with such a loving eye. As a side note, I wrote three letters to President Reagan back in the day (I remember that at least one of them was about Social Security, out of concern for my grandma), and I was frustrated about getting form letters back. Once they sent me a kids' book about the White House, which helped a little, but it still wasn't as good as getting a personalized response. Here's hoping that Lily hears back from President Obama!

Anonymous said...

Go Go Lily.

The Byrd's Nest said...

hee me some Lily:)

Anonymous said...

So eloquently written! I do hope she gets a response.


James, Dawn and Family said...

WAY to go Lily! What beautiful words.

Wendy said...

Awesome letter. Shows the respect you are instilling in your children. On a side note, why can't your child who was adopted have health insurance or what that in China? The whole health care reform scares me for my daughter we adopted from China. Thankfully, she is not sick and we have insurance now for her.

Sammy said...

That's a very thoughtful letter for one so young. Great that you're teaching him to think about all sides. However, there are many, many things Obama is doing that scares me to death and his stand on abortion is only one of them.

Sarah said...

Hi Wendy,

My husband is self-employed and because we had a short lapse in health insurance, we couldn't get it for Jadon. Our state has health-care coverage, so that's what he's on right now. We are so grateful for it, but find it ironic that we can't buy health insurance for him.

Sarah said...

Hi Sammy,

As I admitted in this post, I am definitely not politically savvy. But, I will say for sure that I am more concerned that my children learn how to think and learn how to love (despite differences) than that they get every detail right. We are absolutely clear that abortion is wrong (Lily also is clear that that's the case), but we don't want her (or ourselves) to judge a person's heart. That's a job only for our Savior, and He's definitely the best one for the job!

I am not an Obama supporter, but I am most definitely not a Republican, either. Political views don't scare me, because I know the ONE who has defeated the true enemy and has given us life everlasting. If my daughter can learn to love like Jesus loved, then my husband and I have been successful as parents. Love, afterall, is the most powerful force in the universe.

Much love and grace and blessing to you!

Wife of the Prez said...

Wow amazing!!!! I am with you Sarah. Love your perspective on politics. I really hope Lily receives a real reply back.

As for health insurance we have been very fortunate since DH is self employed as well. I might admit to holding my breath about it all though.

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