Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everyone at our house has a partner (a buddy, a comrade, a friend) their own age.
David and I are just one month apart in age. We're going to be 42 soon!
(Can you guess which one of us is older?!)

Jadon and Lily have been buddies for years. They are the same age for 6 months of the year. One of their favorite things to do is to have same age sleepovers in each other's rooms, as many times as they can within those 6 months. And to think...this amazing partnership started with the unrolling of multiple rolls of toilet paper just days after we came home with Jadon. The fun never stops around here!

Sweet little Grace and KaiKai cutie guy will be the same age for four months of the year. Grace is gonna love that, no doubt!

And these two...
Well, they are 12 months and three weeks apart in age.

They are seriously bummed about this.

So....this year they decided to switch birthdays.
That way, they can both be 14 for 3 weeks this year.
How cute is that?!

So tomorrow, we will celebrate Adam's birthday, one of the 42 year old's birthday and Lily's adoption day. Whoohoo! We love August 30th around here!

 And after the party is over, Adam and Yana are going to relish in their three weeks of glorious 14 year old, special partner fun!


No Greater Love said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) I love you!!!


Nikki said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!! Your family is so sweet and your kids' friendships are remarkable!! I pray that our kids have that same love for one another growing up! They are all sooooooo beautiful! KaiKai is just a ham!!! Can't wait until he's home!!!

Colista said...

Cute! ...and a sweet family. Of course, you are the younger one, RIGHT? :)

Difference2This1 said...

Very cool that there's another buddy pair coming up!!! :)

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