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Monday, August 20, 2012

It is amazing to me how our caring Father looks after every little detail of our lives. Before we met any of our children, He was weaving together people and events that would affect their lives for eternity. He didn't leave any detail to chance, but He cared (and continues to care) lovingly for each part of their lives.

Before we even met Yana, she had two special friends here in the U.S. Slava, who is Ukrainian like Yana, met Yana and fell in love with our curly-headed little 7 year old. She spent time with Yana and loved her like a sister. Slava was going to school in the U.S. She lived with a wonderful family. Paisley is the mom of that family. Paisley also loved on sweet little Yana.

Yana has such precious memories of time that she spent with Slava and Paisley. This weekend, we had the opportunity to see them again! What a gift! 

(Slava and Yana...I think that they look a little bit alike, don't you?!)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Paisley, but we did get to talk and talk. She had some fun stories to tell about Yana, and hopefully she will get a chance to email some pictures that she took of Yana when she visited their home seven years ago.

Our God is so good. He was caring for every detail of Yana's life, before we even knew her. What a loving Father we have.


No Greater Love said...

I am so glad Yana was able to spend some time with Slava...I know how special their relationship is....


Jean said...

How wonderful that you both were able to see them again!

I love how our Lord has it all planned out- every detail!


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