Nothing says summer to me...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

like going to MN!

It's our once-a-year vacation, and we LOVE it.

With Grace's illness this summer, we didn't know if we'd be able to make it to MN, but by God's great grace, our littlest treasure got over her sickness and we were able to make the 16 hour trek to my beloved home state.

There was lots of playing with Dad.

Grandma has a stash of magazines that the older girls love to browse.

The boys have fun with ladder ball.

And we all love going to this special park.

Grandpa gave us lots of smiles.

And Grandma is wonderful to be with.

I'm so grateful that my kiddos have this special place to visit each summer.

 And now, it's almost time to say "goodbye" to summer, and hello to fall. Fortunately, my sweet babies get one more getaway with the other grandparents! They'll be spending the next couple of days with David's parents, and even though I know that I will miss them TONS, it will be a great opportunity to get ready for the new school year.

Au Revoir sweet summer. See you again next year.


Cheri said...

I have such fond memories as a child at my grandparents. It was always looked forward to every summer. I'm glad you had a great time!

Nikki said...

What a fun little vacation...I loved being at my grandparents when I was little!!! What great pictures to remind you of your sweet memories as well!!!

No Greater Love said...

It is not my favorite part of summer when you go to MN...but I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :) I love the sunset at the end. Beautiful!

Naomi said...

Such sweet pictures!! I also love the British Invasion t-shirt!!!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

Yes, we, too, love our summer vacations to Minnesota. Not this summer -- instead we've done some other traveling and we'll be going to MN later in the year. But...yes...we love going to MN in the summer, too!

Anonymous said...

MN looks beautiful!
What a blessing that your children have two wonderful sets of grandparents!!!
i hope you enjoyed your time preparing for this next school year while they were away!

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