Our Jadon

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

  Eight years ago today, Jadon XiaoWei joined our family!
And to think--
we almost missed him!

You see, we had asked to be matched with a waiting child.
Our parameters were pretty wide.
But they did not include a child just six months younger than Lily.

So, when we heard about a little 19 month old boy
whom the CCAA wanted to match with our family,
we were pretty tentative.
We asked for the weekend to think about it.
We didn't even look at his picture.

On Monday,
the CCAA gave us another referral.
This little boy was 9 months old.
We talked to the waiting child coordinator at our adoption agency and she said that she would email both files.
After getting off the phone with the coordinator, David and I decided that we would not even look at the older boy's file.
So, we went to the computer and opened up the 9 month old boy's file.

or so we thought

And there was the sweetest, most soulful looking face...
sad, longing eyes.
A little boy who needed a family.

God led us to our little boy.
And we were in love.

Four months later we were holding our little treasure in our arms.

Eight years later, our little treasure still has that soulful look at times.
But, ususally, it goes along with a silly smile.

And maybe a little Saturday Night Fever dancing.

Happy Gotcha Day, Jadon!
We are so grateful for you...
for your hugs,
for your smiles,
for your 10 times a day "I love you" and "your the best mom (dad) in the whole world,"
for your silliness
and for your oh-so-crazy boyishness.

We love you, our precious son.

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Difference2This1 said...

Happy 8 years with your family Jadon!!!

Recovering Noah said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Jadon!!

I have to tell you... we're starting to save for our own Chinese adoption. (!!) It's going to take a looooong time - a couple of years at least - but that pickle jar is out and starting to get filled up.

I might be picking your brain later on down the road... China is very new to us. =)


Gwen said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Jadon!

Love the Saturday Night Fever dance pose! ;)

Aren't boys great?

strandfam said...

God is so good! I rejoice that He chose precious Jadon to be YOUR son. Happy 8 years! sending you love

LisaA said...

What a PRECIOUS story. Wow! The journey to these children is so SWEET indeed! I am always in awe of how God will not let you "say No", when it's in His plan for you to say YES! So amazing!

eliz said...

Aaaaaw! This is a precious post! Thank You for sharing Jadon's story! (((HUG))) So beautiful! A gift from God!

James, Dawn and Family said...

Happy Gotcha day!!!What a blessing you are!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Happy Gotcha' Day, Jadon! I love that title of your celebration of bringing him home day.

I am also glad to see we are not the only family that occasionally has underwear on the head!!

Cheri said...

Wow, what a handsome fella!

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