Thursday, February 24, 2011

So, I'm finally going to post a bit about my trip to MN!
It was such a last-minute decision to go and God really worked out all of the details.
I'm so glad that we were able to do it.
Here's a photo of the two main reasons for my trip...

Love this photo!

It was my mom's 70th birthday,
so we had to celebrate!

Also, my dad was recovering from hip surgery (one of many surgeries that he's had in the past few years), so Adam and I wanted to see what we could do to help.  Turns out, the best help is often just a little company.  I had some great conversations with my dad.  Please pray for his health and for his heart...he is softening as he grows older.

It was so fun to be with Adam.  He is just such a joy!
(I'm wanting to plan a special trip with each of my children...a special time just for them.)

We spent Saturday decorating for my mom's party.

Hannah and Jonathan (my parent's neighbor's children) helped.

The boys decorated this room completely on their own...I love, love, love says 12-year-old boy all the way, doesn't it?  Very fun!

My sister, Angela, planned the menu.  She's an incredible cook (more about that in a later post).  
Here's my mom, stuffing peppers.

My mom, me and my sister, Angela.

I love you, Adam!

My mom's friend brought the crown!

The decorators.

Couldn't believe that my dad agreed to the party hat.
Way to get into the spirit of things, dad!

Some of my mom's friends.

My grand-niece (Sarah), my brother, Phil and his wife, Annette, and my parent's neighbors, Ronnie and Terri.
My parents really have incredible neighbors.
Terri has shoveled my parents snow, done minor fix-ups and is always so very kind.
Ronnie has been their neighbor since I was a kid...always so fun to see him.

Lighting the candles.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you so much and was so glad that we could be there to celebrate with you.

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Cheri said...

What a beautiful family. Your mom looks so young! Looks like you have her genes? You are blessed to still have your parents.

Difference2This1 said...

How fun to take this trip with Adam!! Glad to see all the photos of your "mystery trip" :) Blessings, Jennifer

James, Dawn and Family said...

Looks like a wonderful visit. What a great gift to be able to spend time one on one and sharing time with grandparents. BTW you are looking awesome!

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Sally-Girl! said...

I have always done a trip with each one of my older kids alone. It is something that neither of us have forgotten and always reminisce about when we are together!!!

Thanks for faithfully following Gracie's blog when I was in China. It was nice to get comments!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a wonderful time with your family. You all look wonderful!!!!!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Love this! How fun and special to be with just one child. How wonderful to be home to celebrate a milestone when you live far away. How nice to visit in the midst of hip pain. Love seeing the family photos of MN. Makes me homesick. May will mark a year since we've been. I have been so blessed before now...I don't think it has ever been over a year between family visits. God has been good to us.

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