garage sale success (updated), visas and some incredible God-stories

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our church had a garage sale today to benefit Sarah's Covenant Homes and Trinity Learning Center (which is the school that our church is starting).  It was a great success!  We made about $650 (updated) $800 (and updated after Saturday) $1200 (to be split between the two groups).

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 Our dear sister, Tonja, spent a lot of time getting the sale organized, Jeanne went through TONS (you think that I'm exagerating, but it's really true!) of stuff to get it ready for the sale, Mercy brought watermelon and spoke Spanish, as needed, Kristi was just her regular helpful self, and all of the young men, husbands and children were a great help.  We had all prayed that the sale would be a succes and the Lord certainly answered!  We had people non-stop from 8:00 am until 3:00 (the sale was supposed to end at 2:00!).  I wasn't able to even stop to take pictures until 3:00.  These photos are taken at the end of the day. 

It's been such a blessing to have the brothers and sisters at our church be so enthusiastic and supportive of our trip to India.  Many of them would love to visit sometime, as well!  On that note, on Wednesday night, I had asked our church to pray that Lily and I would receive our visas.  And guess what happened?!  I got an email on Thursday that our visas were done and we got them in the mail today.  Praise God!

And if you haven't already, you should read the comments on my last post.  There are a couple of incredible stories of God giving people visions and dreams about their future children.  Isn't He just so wonderful and kind?!  He loves us and He absolutely loves the little children.

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Difference2This1 said...

That's awesome- both the sale results and the visas!!!!

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