A sweet day

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Lord has been speaking to me about so many things lately--His Kingdom, His Church, relationships, love, money, orphans...the list could go on and on. I'm hoping to to get a chance to share some of it sometime in the next couple of days, because He is so good and I want to see Him glorified more!
But, since my time is short today (!), I just want to share a quick post about the sweet day that we had yesterday.
In the morning, David and the boys joined some other boys from our church to help clean up the yard of a single mom, who takes care of her grandmother. They had such a great time helping out this lady, and can't wait until they have another opportunity to do it again!
Since I had the camera, and was spending a morning of leisure (while the boys worked!) with the girls, I didn't get any pictures of the boys. But, I did get some pictures of the girls and my craft day. We had such a fun time making snowmen and snowflakes.

Didn't they turn out cute?

After David and the boys got home, I took Lily out for a date. We had such a nice time. We ate a late lunch together, talked, and Lily got some Christmas shopping done.
I took Lily to her friend's house, because they were celebrating her birthday. Don't these two look alike??! Well, they are alike--in so many ways. They have such a fun time together--they are two peas in a pod.

After dinner, the rest of us enjoyed reading the next chapter of Jotham's Journey. We love reading this book during Advent. I'd highly recommend it. a pile of cute little puppies!
Thank you, Lord, for such a lovely day--a precious gift from a loving Father.

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James, Dawn and Family said...

Life is good! GOD is awesome!!

Our China Starfish said...

What a great day for everyone!!!! :)

Jean said...

Such cute pics and wonderful family time!! God is so good!!

I didn't know you lived in MN? Where did you live? This may be silly but I feel like I know you, like we have met before??

when you get a chance email me-


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