Sunday, December 13, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Kim said...

LOL....I love your little elves!!! So cute and funny! I could not figure out how to put the video straight on my blog....maybe because Hayden made it for me and I didn't make it myself.

Have a wonderful week!

Love you friend,

Our China Starfish said...

To cute...I have to show the girls tonight!! They loved all the letters and drawings that your kids sent. They have a boatload of drawings/letters lined up for me to send back. Don't even know what all is in the envelopes because they sealed them up in the course of the event, but it must be important as they kept at them for several hours one day without any fighting!! :)

Gwen said...

This is so cute-- we have the exact same one at our house! :) Sarah says, "Want to watch JibJab!" She just loves watching it!

Anonymous said...

It came out super cute! :o)

Jean said...

So cute!! Your elves are adorable!

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