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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I know that for some people, the actual trip to China to adopt their beloved son or daughter is, at least in part, one of the many hurdles that they need to jump over to form their forever family. I understand this, and I in no way think negatively about other people's experience here. But, I just have to say...I LOVE China. I love the people, I love the food, I love the history and the culture. I just love it! So, even though we had dirty carpeting in our hotel, and the hallways smelled like smoke, and even though the bathrooms en route to our touristy destinations were not exactly what we were used to, I can honestly say that I LOVED our time in Guizhou.

Of course, the best thing was seeing this girl's precious smile!

And experiencing her snuggly warmth.

But, we also really enjoyed visiting this Miao village. And like I said before...we had a WONDERFUL travel group.

We loved walking around the Miao village as a family of seven. Oh, how grateful I am that our whole family could travel to China together.
You just see some really neat things in China. Where else would you find a water buffalo walking down the road? Okay, okay, I do know that China is not the only place for water buffalos, but we don't exactly see them regularly in Colorado.

And we loved meeting Grace's nannies. What a privilege it was to meet the ladies who took care of Grace and the other beautiful children at her CWI. It was a hard day. Grace was very clingy and emotional, but we were so glad to meet these women and experience a little more of Grace's life before we met her.

The kids loved the carnival rides at the local park. They cost about a quarter (!).

How many places that you know of boast camel rides?

Ummm...are those my children feeding those free-roaming monkeys (who we had been told, do actually bite!)?! Okay, maybe there are some things in China that I can live without.

After all of those busy days, we loved watching Grace curl up in her bed and sleep peacefully...we finally had our little girl!!
Next stop: Guangzhou
Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane!!

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James, Dawn and Family said...

It seems so long ago. I love China too. The people I got to experience both times were not at all the way I thought it would be. Both times were a wonderful experience. I love the fact they loved my daughters enough to give them the gift of life. I in turn have been blessed beyond words.

Gwen said...

I'm with you-- even though we have only been once, we absolutely LOVED our experience in China! Yes, the cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and bathrooms were a little much at times, but we LOVED our trip!!!
We really want to return to China and bring ALL our kids-- what a blessing and great experience for your kids to all go with you!
And I love your pictures, especially the camel and monkeys!

Kristin said...

Oh Sarah, I too LOVE China, the people, the culture, our is life changing in such a powerful way! I love that my daughter's birth families loved them so much that they chose life! We too have been so blessed!
Thanks for sharing your heart, it's wonderful to share memories together.

Kim said...

I am right there with ya girl....I LOVE LOVE LOVE China too!!!



Wife of the Pres. said...

I've so loved all of your one-year-later posts! I have to agree with you about China. Even though our trip was really hard, I still loved so much of it. The people, the sights, the vastness, their inquisitiveness, and their thoughtfulness at unexpected times, our amazing guides … well I could go on and on.

To be honest, I would move there in a nanosecond! Maybe someday … God definitely carved out a special place in my heart for China and I don't think it will ever go away, that feeling of longing for the people there and a love for them. It is hard to explain really.

Grace is just beautiful and looks so loved and content one year later.

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