Sunday, November 8, 2009

I wanted to post one last photo from our time in Guizhou. On the last night, we bought a cake and celebrated all of the birthdays that we had missed with our special girls. Here's Grace on that night.
And here's Grace on her adoption day (November 2) this year. What do you think? Has she adjusted to her family and new life?!
Thank you, God, for changing the lives of your precious children. Thank you for bringing orphans into families. Thank you for adopting us into your family!! You transform us, oh Lord, and we are so grateful!

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James, Dawn and Family said...

She looks so happy!!

Burshek Family said...

What a PRECIOUS gift!!

Gwen said...

The birthday cake idea (in China) is GREAT!
Grace looks fabulous! :)

Jean said...

I would say she has adjusted very well! What a happy girl!

We must have been in China right after you!! Sarah has been home 11 months!! What wonderful blessings these children are- thank you Jesus!!

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