Thankful Thursday (a Wednesday night edition)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am so incredibly thankful for books and for writers, who share their hearts, wisdom and lives with others. These are the best of the books that I have read (or am reading) in the past few months. There are some real treasures here!

  1. Compelled by Love, By Heidi Baker. I read this book a while back, but am re-reading it with Lily. If you're familiar with Heidi and Rolland Baker, you know that their hearts are truly a fire of love for our Lord. Lily loves to read about the many ways that God acts miraculously on their behalf and on behalf of the people whom they serve. It inspires Lily to pray for God to work in the same way in our lives here. There are a hundred things that I could quote in this book. Here's just one: "If God was not with us in this unfamiliar world and ministry, we did not want to continue. If He could not be trusted, and followed, if the Sermon on the Mount was simply impractical, if we could not do 'even greater things than Jesus did' (John 14:12), then our mission work was--and is today--hopeless. We have no backup plan. We have nothing but Him." (p. 9-10)
  2. Glory, by Ruth Ward Heflin. Here's another one that I read a while back. I'm re-reading it with Adam now. This has been such a pleasure. Adam takes everything to heart and we can spend thirty minutes talking about one paragraph. Then, he loves to apply what he's learning right away. We've both learned so much about worship and giving God glory from reading this book.
  3. George Muller of Bristol, by Arthur T. Pierson. If you want God to transform your view of money and posessions, this is the book to read! George Muller's life and love for the Lord will inspire you to trust God with every single thing that God has given to you.
  4. The Song of Songs, by Mike Bickle. Okay, this isn't a book, but I had to throw this one in here. It is incredible!!! I am listening to this teaching for the second time (20 hours of teaching). If you have ever wondered about God's love for you, please listen to this teaching series. He loves you with an extravagant love!!! You will be inspired to seek His love and return His love the more that you meditate on this incredible love song.
  5. Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. Thanks so much to Jenn over at and Audrey at for introducing me to Francis Chan. He is a man who loves God and desires to live out that love in the way that God intended for His Church. He is bold and crazy in His love, and will inspire you to love God with this same kind of crazy love.
  6. When the Church was a Family, by Joseph H. Hellerman. This book has been consuming my thoughts for the past couple of weeks. It gives the best explanation that I have ever read of what it means to truly be brothers and sisters in Christ. The Church is not an optional organization for Christians. It is to be our family.
  7. The Connected Child, by Karyn Purvis. I really haven't read a lot of books about adopted children. I am leary of placing too much emphasis on the fact that children are adopted, if they are having difficulties. But honestly, adopted children do have some unique challenges, and this book does a good job of handling some of these issues and giving suggestions for overcoming things that are unique to children with turbulent pasts.
  8. The Fire of God's love, by Bob Sorge. Wow! I just started this book today and it is incredible!!!! My friend, Meredith, gave it to me (thanks, Mer!). Listen to how Bob Sorge explains the problem of the Laodecian church: "Now, shall I look at the burning love on the cross, and lazily turn away to find another object with which to share my affections? After seeing the intensity of His love for me, shall I reciprocate with a milquetoast, insipid, inane, sleepy token of the leftovers of my love? Would that kind of fiery love want to receive a half-hearted, yawn-in-your-face love in return? 'No!' declares He whose eyes are ablaze with an inflamed jealousy. 'That kind of love is obnoxious to Me,' He says. 'I will vomit it out of My mouth.'"
  9. Hebrews, by William L. Lane. I've been studying Hebrews and this is a wonderful, readable commentary. I highly recommend it!

I'd love to hear about some of the things that others have been reading. Are there any books/authors who particularly inspire you to live out a life worthy of the calling of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? I so want to be called on to love Him more!

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Sarah Dawn said...

My hubby just finished reading "Glory". I knew there was something about you sweet one! I praise God for bringing me to your blog. You encourage me, and now I have a few more books to stock up on!

Gotta read some stuff by Joy Dawson, she's my mentor through books. My favorite, "Forever Ruined for the Ordinary aka Hearing God's Voice" Oh, who am I kidding, I love all of her stuff. And I have Mike Bickle's song of songs collecting dust on my shelf. I have yet to do the study. Time to get dusting and start learning. Thanks for handing me the dust mop!

Sarah Dawn

sarah bess said...

I loved "Glory" too. I was going to attend a conference where she'd be speaking, but she died just before the conference, and a Baptist pastor named Bob Shattles stepped in for her. He was ammazing. He goes on airplanes and things like that and asks the Lord for souls, and then gold dust starts falling on everyone in the airplane and then he stands up and preaches and whenever there are these manifestations, everyone comes to the Lord. He asks for a certain number of souls a day and then keeps increasing that.

I love Mike Bickle's Song of Solomon teachings, too. I have a lot of them, and listen to them whenever I feel like a total loser. He totally changed my Christian paradigm. Because of that revelation, I named my younger daughters "Shayna" and "Amira" (beautiful and princess). My older daughter asked why she got meanings like "one who hears" and "visionary" and they got such beautiful ones, and I told her it was because I didn't have the whole beauty revelation then. I used to think my name should have been given to someone else, because I was never into princesses and all that as a kid. Now I get it and need it.

Most inspiring book I read lately is one I bought for Simona: "Do Hard Things: A teenage rebellion against low expectations" by the Harris twins (Brett and Alex). So inspired, convicted, and...yeah.

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