Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School was out for the summer on Friday, and I thought that it was time for a little relaxation. But, my sweet hubby thought differently! For him, summer means all sorts of projects to start (and hopefully to finish, as well).

A new tire swing was a quick project that everyone has enjoyed.

 Next came a fire pit. We've already used this quite a bit. The kids are lovin' the s'mores.

Then, today came a new window. David took a window out of a home that he was working on, and it was just the right fit for our house. When we moved in, there were all new windows...well, all except this one. And now, this one is new (to us!), as well.

Yana and Adam are great helpers!

Lily and Yana helped a friend with a project today, as well. This friend is making hundreds of duct tape flowers for her sister's upcoming wedding. So, the girls helped her out with a few of the hundred today.

Wow! I never knew that duct tape could be so beautiful!

And for my next project...I think that I'll make a plan to go to bed early. :)

How about you? Do you have any summer projects that you're looking forward to completing?


Difference2This1 said...

Wow! I'm kind of thinking my kids will want to just stay at your house forever once they get a look at all your fun things :)

Great experiences for the older matter where ones goes in life, it always seems like the DIY ability comes in handy!!!

Blessings, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

what fun projects!!!

I loved seeing all of your wood...hmm, how do I get some down here? :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Whew! That was only the first weekend of summer? Wow! I've never seen the duct tape flowers before -- clever and cute!

Gwen said...

You can make anything with duct tape!
My boys have made duct tape wallets and also the flowers. :)

No Greater Love said...

Oh..I want Lily to teach me those duct tape flowers. :) So pretty.

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