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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My friends, adoption is redemption. It's costly, exhausting, expensive and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him.
Derek Loux

Dear ones, your love and prayers have touched our hearts in a deep way. We are so very grateful for each one of you. Adoption is messy. It is absolutely outrageous. It begins with loss and sometimes it ends with loss. But, it's also beautiful, and doesn't that describe what God has done for us in Christ?

Despite the pain, we do not regret that God lead us down this path. We still believe that it was God who called us to walk towards R., and even though we don't understand all of the reasons why we weren't able to adopt her, we do trust in the One who offers R. full redemption. We know that He is bringing beauty from ashes, and we know that He has amazing plans for R.'s life.

At this point, our biggest prayer is that our sweet R. would have a family of her own. Of course, we will always love her and a part of our hearts will always belong to her, but she still needs a family who can rescue her and bring her into their home and love her with hugs and kisses and blessings and playing and prayers and laughter. Please pray for this kind of family for our precious girl! She is beautiful and gentle and silly and sweet. Any family would be blessed to have her as their daughter.

Please know that we are doing well. So much of our grieving happend over the past two months and now we are simply resting. God is speaking. He is leading and guiding and we just want to follow Him. He is such a good Father. And even though it was costly, exhausting, expensive and outrageous, I know that He doesn't regret that He adopted me.

Amazing God.


No Greater Love said...


Nikki said...

Your strength amazes me and I can only say that I wish we all lived so much closer! Continued prayers to you and to R!!!

Naomi said...

Wow! You are the most incredible woman I am longing to meet! Jesus oozes from every part of you!

Still praying for a miracle for R.

Julie Coleman, Freelance Editor said...

I'm so sorry the adoption didn't work out, Sarah. Prayers that R will find a loving family soon. Hope you and your family are doing okay.

Lisa said...

Sarah - my heart has been aching for you. Praising God that you trust Him through your loss and pain. Praying He continues the mighty work He started in your heart through this journey. And already praying for R. - that He meets her every need.

Kristen said...

I love your heart Sarah! I am continually praying for R. that God will manifest his wonderful plans for her life.
You have been SUCH a blessing to me- I am so thankful for your friendship and will continue to pray that the Lord leads you.
Abrazos amiguita :)

Anonymous said...

Waving Goodbye
by Gerald Stern

I wanted to know what it was like before we
had voices and before we had bare fingers and before we had minds to move us through our actions
and tears to help us over our feelings,
so I drove my daughter through the snow to meet her
and filled her car with suitcases and hugged her
as an animal would, pressing my forehead against her,
walking in circles, moaning and touching her cheek,
and turned my head after them as an animal would,
watching helplessly as they drove over the ruts,
her smiling face and her small hand just visible
over the giant pillows and coat hangers
as they made their turn into the empty highway.

Brad and Renae said...

Sarah- simply beautiful....not much to say, but simply beautiful. and

Brad and Renae said...

and blog hug :)

Mrs. L. said...

Praying for you dear friend and you are still amazing person in Christ. Love your heart and love for others as well for your own family.

p.s. I need your email address. Can you please leave it on my blog in a "comment". Thanks!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying for your precious R and praying for your Momma heart too:) Know that I love you and I'm so proud of you.......

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