Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have read on my knees, with prayer and meditation, Psalm 68, Verse5: "A father of the fatherless," one of the titles of Jehovah, has been a special blessing to me, with reference to the orphans. The truth, which is contained in this, I never realized so much as today. By the help of God, this shall be my argument before him, respecting the orphans, in the hour of need. He is their Father, and therefore has pledged himself, as it were, to provide for them, and to care for them: and I have only to remind him of the need of these poor children, in order to have it supplied. My soul is still more enlarged respecting orphans. This word, "a father to the fatherless," contains enough encouragement to cast thousands of orphans upon the loving heart of God.
-George Muller


Naomi said...

That is beautiful. How I love Muller! Let's make it our prayer too!

Anonymous said...

It has been our prayer in our house for baby bug and S. My heart is beat and exhausted but we are clinging to those verses!!!

couldn't sign in under my name.

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