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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Lord has a wonderful way of bringing good things out of difficulties, doesn't He?! With all that has happened over the past month or so, I came to the realization that some things needed to change in our schedule. While praying, I had the idea that next year I would need to find someone to teach in the girl's classroom two days per week, so that I could cut back to three days per week. That way, I could attend to things like doctor's appointments, sick children, grocery shopping, etc. These are things that David has been doing a lot of, and it's evident from his last work situation that he just can't do it all!

So, I mentioned this to David and he thought that it was a great idea. But, he also wondered if there was someone who could do it this year. It had to be someone who was great with kids and really loved to be with them. It also couldn't overtax this person with what they were already doing to serve in our church.

It turns out the perfect person was someone whom I talk to every day! Meredith was already at the school a lot, she's great with kids and she loves the girls (and the Lord!). For Meredith to consolidate her time at the school into two days (rather than multiple short times every week) actually simplified things for her. Plus, the money that she would make could go straight into their adoption fund.

Now, it may seem counter-intuitive that I would work less when we have a geater financial need. But, the amount of time that David has needed to take off of work to attend to family things was causing more of a deficit than my working could make up for.

I'm so grateful to the Lord that He gave me the idea, worked out the details, and made it a win-win situation for everyone involved. Another win is that my girls get to be with their Aunt Meredith two days per week. I love that they have the opportunity to have other Christian women sow into their lives. What a gift!

Sooooo, last week the kids had a field trip for school. It was sort of sad to miss the field trip, but really good to have a day off (at least sort of off, because Jadon was home sick with me). I spent my time filling out grant applications, doing a puzzle with Jadon and helping David.

Fortunately, my other amazing friend, Laurel, sent me some photos from the day. She was the chaperone for the group that Lily was in, so I got some fun photos of Lil.

Such precious friends.

Laurel's family also took Jadon sledding with them a few weeks ago. I love this photo of my little guy in the snow!

I am so grateful for such wonderful friends. I absolutely could not get by without them!

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Difference2This1 said...

Glad you are finding ways to balance it all!!

Cute photos of the field trip! :)

Blessings, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

luv you mom...guess who?

Brad and Renae said...

Awesome! Praying the grant application comes through... is it for the adoption or work?

Kristen said...

SO FUN when the Lord works things out like this!!! Yeah!!!!

Naomi said...

What a blessing!! I love your friend Meredith and I have never even met her!! She seems like she has a heart like yours!

No Greater Love said...

Naomi's comment is so sweet....but only in my dreams do I have a heart anywhere close to yours. :)

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