Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have to tell you, I was so happy when the warm weather came upon us, because we could set our ladybugs free!  I am bit of a softie when it comes to capturing insects.  I hate to have them die while in our "care".  So, when we received our ladybug kit in the mail and I discovered that they only live for about 3 weeks in captivity, but can live up to nine months if they are set free, I was very eager to make sure that we let them go after our observations were done.  The problem was that it had to be at least 55 degrees in order for them to survive.  When we were in the second week of their adult lives, and it snowed outside I began to get a bit worried.  But, it was warm a couple of days later, and even if they don't survive the full nine months, I figured that they'd be better off outside than they were for the third week in their little habitat.

The kids were very eager to see what the ladybugs would do.

As it turns out, the ladybugs stayed in their habitat for a while when the top was removed.  (There's definitely a spiritual lesson in that, isn't there?)

The kids enjoyed watching them.

And holding them.

Eventually, we put them on this tree.  Hopefully, they're still flourishing there or have made their way off to someplace very ladybugish-like.

Hopefully, the crickets that are chirping away in our schoolroom, will make it through the end of this week, so that they can be set free as well!

hmm...I guess that I wouldn't make a very good entomologist.

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Sara said...

Simply a wonderful idea! We hit 95 degrees here. So anytime you need a burst of sunshine, just think of us in AZ.

Hugs from the desert,

PS Have you tried the butterfly kits? I was thinking about it, but unsure if it really works.

Gwen said...

We have the exact same lady bug habitat!

The butterfly kits are supposed to be awesome!

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