so proud of their mei mei

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grace wrote out this Father's Day card all by herself (by looking at a card that Yana had made). The other kids were so proud of her! They circled around her and ooohed and aaahed over her accomplishment. Here are some of their comments.
"Gray Squirell did such a good job!"
"Grace, you did that all by yourself?!"
"Mom, I think that Grace is a genius!"
They all spontaneously clapped and cheered for Grace. Then they wanted to videotape Grace signing her name to the card, and take pictures of her. They were VERY proud of her! When she gave her card to BaBa, they all wanted to let him know that she made this card all by herself. "We even have proof, Daddy!" After which they proceeded to show him the video.
Then, they all turned to me and said, "Mom! You should put the picture of Grace's card on the blog!!" How could I turn down that sweet request? So, on behalf of some proud gege's and jiejie's, I hope that you enjoy...


Gwen said...

Wow! Very impressive work! What great brothers and sisters Grace has to help her celebrate this! :)

Jill and Rick said...

Grace, even I am proud of your accomplishment!! Sarah, that is so sweet that her brothers and sisters are so encouraging for her. She is surrounded by love!


Kimi said...

Way to go Grace, beautiful card!!

It is so precious how the other kids are so proud of her.

I just adore you sweet family!


Julie Coleman, Freelance Editor said...

How wonderful to have so many loving and supportive brothers and sisters!

sarah bess said...

Dang it, every child needs this. Every. single. child.

Cari Bacon said...

Awe...that is a cute story not to mention a very cute little girl, too! :)

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