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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just got back from the homeschool conference. It's so much fun to get new books for the coming year. We're using My Father's World (Creation to the Greeks) as our main curriculum again this year. I listened to a couple of talks by David Hazell and they were excellent!! I praise God for the example that he and his wife are to the Christian community. They have raised their children to truly love the Lord and love people. All six children are involved in missions and their familly gives over half of their income to Bible translation and other missions work. Check out their website at

I also really enjoyed hearing Andrew Pudewa speak. He has written an amazing writing curriulcum at He spoke about communincation, writing and also about gender issues and learning. It was such an informative lecture. I loved it! Did you know that toddler girls can actually hear sounds that are 10 times softer than toddler boys can hear? So, when your son doesn't even look up when you talk to him, it may be that he really can't hear you! Also, boys learn better in an environment that is 6 degrees cooler than girls. Really interesting stuff.

The kids went to a sports camp that was sponsored by a local church this past week. They had a great time and really learned a lot. I was a little worried that Lily wouldn't enjoy it (she is my girly girl, who likes dresses, dancing, music, etc.), but she had fun playing soccer with all of the girls.

Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there!! We're looking forward to celebrating the incredible dad who lives here with us! What a blessing he is!!!


sarah bess said...

I've heard Andrew P speak, too. After hearing him, I signed up for another session. Great stuff. I love that kind of thing.

My best friends use MFW as well. Intriguing.

God bless your school year!

Our China Starfish said...

Wow- so much sounds like great info to learn for both hs and non-hs children! Do you take a break for summer? How do you keep things organized when you are trying to work with kids of varying abilities? I find this so challenging every day given that even with 2 sets of "twins", everyone is working at such different levels! Even though Tessa is the only one I NEED to formally educate this summer, the rest BEG for more work then I can plan!

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