Thankful Thursday

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm so thankful that even though Lily is one of the "big girls" now, she is still my baby too! She loves to be with me, wherever I go. She never asks what I'm doing. She just likes to come along, regardless of what is happening. The last time that I went to Panera to pray and have my Bible study, Lily came along. She read and wrote in her journal and didn't complain once about sitting there for 3 hours. She was as happy as a clam.

The other day, after getting dressed, Lily ran to her room and returned in this "matching" outfit. It's nice to be loved!


Kimi said...

That is the sweetest thing ever that she wanted to match you. Lily is a precious and very special little girl!

Love you,

Jill and Rick said...

Oh that is so sweet! My girls always notice if I coordinate with them and I can tell that it truly pleases them.

Sometimes I wish these days could last forever.


Jenn said...

Such a sweet girl! Love it!

Linda said...

It's an awesome responsibility, isn't it? My girls love me so much, and sometimes I feel so unworthy and inadquate of their deep affections. The picture of the two of you is just beautiful!

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