Six months of Sweetness

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last night, as Grace was getting into bed, she started singing the alphabet song, so I had to go and grab my camera. (I think that it might have been a ploy to stay up late, and I guess that I fell for it!!)

Well...I guess she still has a little work to do on that! LOL!

We love this girl! We all wanted to say a little bit about Grace and the past 6 months with her.

Lily: Grace is a great little girl! She is a blessing to the whole family! When we aren't smiling at her she says ''can you smile me? '' We like to play with dolls. I love her so much!! We like to sing ''Happy Birthday,'' ''Clemintine,'' and a song about coming home from school in Chinese together. I love it when she wants to play with me.

Adam: I like to play with Grace. Grace and I like to take pictures together. I like that Grace always wants to play with me. I'm glad that Grace is in our family. Grace and I had a quiet time together yesterday. We made this video together:

Yana: Grace is cute. Grace is adorable. Grace is fun to play with. Grace is as sweet as sugar. We like to call her "Gray Squirrel" because she enjoys hearing the song "Gray Squirrel" in the color book. Grace is good at counting. Grace is cute when she sings "Sunday, Monday..." She is loving.

Jadon: I like how Grace laughs and plays. I like to make her laugh. She is fun.

David (Baba): We love this girl: the smile, the wiggle, the dance, the pout, and the sillies. We're glad we get a little bit of all of this every day. Sometimes we are all kind of serious and Grace gives us just the laugh that we need to not take ourselves too seriously. She likes me to throw her on the bed and do other funny stuff like that. She really enjoys people and doing things with everyone. God has blessed us indeed.

Sarah (Mama): When we would look at Grace's referral picture (before we met her), we imaginied a girl with a sweet spirit and a smile that would light up a room. Oh...she is that and so much more! She has truly been a means of God's grace in our life. We love her more than words could express. Thank you, Jesus, for this precious gift! And thank you for six beautiful months as a family of seven!


sarah bess said...

Shayna & Amira are giggling at Grace's alphabet and cuteness and saying, "We want a Chinese sister."

Waitingfaithfully said...

What sweet words you all shared about your precious girl! Love the videos! Happy six months home amazing Grace!

Love and blessings~


Linda said...

What a sweet tribute to Grace!

I have to tell you that I ran into Yana & Lily at B*ild-A- B*ar this afternoon. I looked at Yana, and she looked so familiar, and then I remembered the haircut post, and I quickly looked to see if Lily was around. Yes! They are such lovely girls, and it was fun to see how they have grown since last summer.

I told Joanna about seeing them, and she begged me to ask you if we could meet at that park again this year. (I am an awful recluse, and I know that it was entirely my fault for not getting together again. Aside from church activities, I am very much a homebody.) I told her that I would contact you once school was out and see if you are interested. :)

Gwen said...

This is such a nice post, and the videos are great!! Grace seems to do everything with flair! :)

Our China Starfish said... cute! Everyone gathered around the computer to watch a couple of times :)

Jill and Rick said...

So sweet! I got such a kick out of both videos ~ it's easy to see how Grace brings even more joy to your lives.

Thanks for the smiles,


Jenn said...

Such a sweet girl!!


David and Sarah said...
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