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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our little girl continues to amaze us with her sweet spirit and contagious joy! Just wanted to fill you in on some of her latest antics and activities...

One incredible thing about Grace is that she doesn't seem to get frustrated by communication. If someone doesn't understand her, she just keeps on talking until that person gets it!! She has some cute little phrases that make the rest of the family laugh. For example...

1) "Could you help you?"

2) She is convinced that the word "pink" means "the same," so she goes around showing everyone things that are "pink," even if they're both green!

3) We sometimes call Jadon, Jadey-boo. It's so cute to hear Grace call him "Jae-boo."

4) She says that "erybody pretty ones," except Baba, Jadon and Adam. They're "hasome."

5) David has a habit of giving everyone unusual nicknames. So, now Grace is "whooper." She, in turn, calls David "BaBa whooper," and tonight her doll was "MeiMei whooper."

Grace loves to bless everyone before they go to sleep. She's blessing Adam in the picture above. After blessing him, she told him that he should "Go bed fussy or talky."

A couple of days ago during our family prayer time we were thanking God for things that He has given to us. She named everyone in the family "Ada, Jada, Nini (Lily), Yana, BaBa, MaMa, and Rosie." We all cheered in thankfulness that we now all belong to Grace and she belongs to us! Thank you Jesus!

The picture above, and the one below, have Grace's fave new book in them. It's a color book (and CD). She loves it and I think that she has most of the colors down now. I do think that the library will want it back some day, so I guess that I can hope that she tires of it soon.

Grace also had her first haircut. The picture below shows her cut fairly well. They didn't cut much off, but I think that it looks pretty cute!

One of the reasons that Grace needed to have her hair cut, is that she LOVES to take out her ponytails. Here she is post-pigtail. LOL!

Here's our little sweetie, praising Jesus in her sleep!

Praising Jesus, along with Grace! He is good and He continues to bless us with this incredible little girl!


Kimi said...

I love this precious...I love the prayer she prayed...that is the sweetest!

She is a little doll

I love the post pigtail look....HILARIOUS!


Linda said...

What a nice update. Grace is obviously a very joy-filled little girl. I think her name suits her well!

Gwen said...

These are the cutest pictures! I love all of Grace's phrases! Such an amazing transformation in such a short amount of time! :)

James, Dawn and Family said...

Grace looks so happy and joyful. What a blessing. Our best to her and your family.

The Newsome's

Tammy said...

How sweet! It sounds like she has brought so much joy to your family.

I'm contantly reminded of God's grace when I look at all of us who have been so blessed by our sweet children. What could we have done to deserve such blessings?

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