The end of the journey

Sunday, February 1, 2015

After the excitement of meeting Yana's family, we were ready to get home. But, we still had the U.S. side of Andrew's adoption to complete, so we made our way back to Kiev.

We were blessed on this leg of our journey with the company of other adopted families.

We were even able to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with some of these wonderful people. They certainly made the end of our trip much more enjoyable. What a blessing!

Nonetheless, after a number of days of paperwork, we were beyond overjoyed to discover that the U.S. side of the adoption was finished and we would be able to return to the U.S. on Thanksgiving Day!
We were greeted, after our long flights, by one of Lily's fabulous signs. :)

And now, our journey was finally complete. Our precious seven kiddos were all together at last!


amyjean1010 said...

Your stories bring tears to my eyes! So great that you can give these children a second chance. How beautiful is your family. Your posts on facebook bring a smile to my face.

Cheri said...

What an amazing trip! I can imagine what has gone through your mind as well as your daughters. Thank you for sharing such a precious miracle with us!

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