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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A few months ago, David and I were talking about options for middle names for our new son. I had been reading a number of books by Andrew Murray and was encouraged by his love for the Lord and his ability to share the heart of God with others. Also, Andrew (or Andre) was a name that fit in with our son's cultural background, so it seemed a good choice.

Without any prior knowledge of what we had been thinking, Yana mused out loud a few weeks later, "I think that Sergey's middle name should be Andrew, after Brother Andrew."

Wow. That felt like a confirmation that we should choose the name Andrew.

On the other hand, we also wanted to honor my dad, by using George as a middle name. Yet it ,wasn't only my earthly father who was named George; my spiritual father's name was George, as well. George Muller is one of my all-time heroes of the faith, and I loved the idea of naming my son after him.
We therefore had a bit of a dilemma that was not solved before our first trip to Ukraine. So when our regional facilitator, Yana, asked about Sergey's new legal name, we weren't sure how to respond. She asked Sergey what he thought, and he told her adamantly that he wanted a completely new name.

A new first name? That wasn't even on our radar. We questioned Yana about it and she inquired of Sergey again.

"I like Bruce Lee," he declared.

hmmmm....although I have nothing against Bruce Lee and even think that my youngest daughter looks a little bit like him, I wasn't about to give our new son a name that may cause him all sorts of grief in the future.

So, we asked him, "What about Andrew? Andrew George?"

"Yes! Andrew! I like Andrew George!" he replied.

So, in the space of about three minutes, our son had a new name.

Andrew George, our precious son, you have a rich heritage in your name. We pray that some day you will will grow to love each of these men and will follow closely in their footsteps. We believe that God arranged it so that you could share in all of their names. What a blessing it will be to see how God uses their legacies to influence your life!


Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Love it! I was wondering about the name change! Love it even more now.

Cheri said...

Wow, that was close! I like Andrew George. How exciting!

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