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Monday, October 20, 2014

After all of my fear during the week prior to meeting Sergey (see my post below), I couldn't have been more blown away by the beauty of our first meeting. Sergey was incredible. Honestly, my friends, we were immediately blessed by this boy.
Sergey walked into the director's office at the orphanage and immediately gave both David and me a hug. Then, he sat down between us with a shy, but joyful smile on his face. He told the director that he was quite sure that he wanted to be adopted by our family, and by evening he had even told David and I that he loved us. We had been sending Sergey letters and pictures and he was well-prepared and excited for our first visit.
Sergey's orphanage is right by the Black Sea, and each of the mornings that he was with us, he would go for a run along the beach.

One afternoon, while David, Sergey and I were playing Frisbee on the sand, Sergey called out, "Mama, look!" During his morning run, he had stopped and written "I love David and Sarah" in the sand. Oh, my heart!

On the day that we had to leave Ukraine, Sergey was quiet. We had our translator, Roman, ask him whether or not he was still sure that he wanted to be adopted. He told Roman that he was 100% sure that he wanted to be a part of our family. Then, he asked if he could talk with David and Roman alone.
It turns out that he wanted to make a plan with them to buy me this rose. Seriously folks, this boy is so sweet.

Meeting Sergey was an experience that went beyond all of our expectations. Now, we cannot wait to get back to Ukraine and have this boy in our family full-time!
Thank you, Jesus, for this precious young man. He is a delight! We are astounded with the intricate way that you lead us to Sergey. Thank you for the pleasure of meeting him and being given the opportunity to make him our son. You are good, Jesus!


Cheri said...

Oh, this is so sweet! I cannot even write in words how I feel right now. It would not do it justice. He seems like such a wonderful young man. It's funny how he resembles you.

Angie C said...

I would love to talk with you about your experiences adopting your son in Ochakiv. Friends hosted a beautiful boy from the same orphanage this summer and we have been led to adopt him. I have some general questions if you would not mind contacting me. Thank you!

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