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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I may just be nosy, but I often wonder about what other people do with their days. A few years back, I regularly read a column in a homeschooling magazine called, "A Day in the Life." I loved it! Readers would write in to the magazine, sharing the details of one day in their family's life. These articles were so fun to read, and I often gleaned a snippet or two that I could incorporate into our family's day. So, in the spirit of "A Day in the Life," I'll share about a typical Saturday here in Kansas City. I'd love it if some of you shared about your days, as well!

6:00--Like clockwork, our littlest guy is up. My wonderful hubby loves spending time with Kaikai in the wee hours of the morning so that I  can pray and read my Bible. The Psalms have come alive for me over the past month-and-a-half, so I often find myself there. I'm also trying to keep up with one of the books that Yana and Adam are reading for school. Church History in Plain Language is a wonderfully readable overview of the Church throughout history. Chapters three and four (which I'm reading today) are about the early martyrs, such as Polycarp. Lord, give me a faith such as theirs!

7:15--I shower and get ready for the day. David and Grace, have already made breakfast. We're having raisin bread, scrambled eggs and pineapple. We always eat breakfast together as a family on Saturdays. David P. (our housemate) eats with us, but then has to head off to work. "R" (a man who used to live in our neighborhood, but is now without a home) stops by to use David's phone.

8:15--It's time for our weekly chores. Yana mops the floors, Adam cleans two of the bathrooms, Lily cleans the other bathroom, Jadon deep-cleans the kitchen, Kaikai helps David wash windows and Grace dusts. We do the vacuuming during the week, so it doesn't need to be done on Saturdays.

9:30--Our good friend, Stephen arrives for Chinese class. What a blessing! Stephen brings baozi (large breaded dumplings) with him and Kaikai is so excited! Kaikai has his lesson first, and then the rest of us have a class in conversational Chinese. It's fun to learn together, and Stephen is such a patient, gentle teacher. We love him and are so grateful that God brought he and his wife, Jean, into our lives. They both lived through difficult times in China and are literally history, come alive, for us. We have learned so much from them.

10:45--Lily and Yana go to garage sales for a couple of hours with Alyssa. David, Grace and Kaikai play a game and read books. The rest of us finish up our cleaning.

12:00--David, Grace and Kaikai go to our neighbor's house to get some recycled planters to plant blackberries. Yana, Adam and Jadon are hoping to sell blackberries in the spring.

12:30--Lunchtime and clean-up. It's hummus, pita chips and veggies today.

1:00--David goes on the KC historic homes tour in order to drum up some work. He had a second surgery on his hand a week-and-a-half ago and isn't supposed to work for 2-4 more weeks, but he's hoping to bid some larger jobs during that time.

1:30--Grace, Kaikai and I go out to jump on the trampoline. Two neighbor kids see us jumping and want to join us. We end up spending about an hour-and-a-half playing with them. Jadon, Lily and Adam join us outside. They are great with these two little ones. Brett and Gracie Joy stop by at about 2:30. GJ has fun with us on the trampoline.

3:00--I send all of the kiddos home so that Adam, Yana and I can have a homeschool meeting. I love homeschooling high school. The discussions that we have about their schoolwork are so encouraging to me. Grace and Kaikai watch Happy Chinese on Youtube so that we don't get interrupted!

3:30--Yana goes to a neighbor's house to paint. I cut Jadon and Adam's hair.

4:00--David comes home and I start a load of laundry and get dinner going. Okay, I'm feeling tired now. Adam helps me with dinner and David plays with Grace and Kaikai. David had picked up our on-hold books from the library, so Lily and Jadon devour those.

5:00--David gives a homeless man who is walking down our street, some medical supplies. The man's hands are in rough shape, but due to David's recent surgeries, he providentially has all of the supplies necessary to help this man. While David is outside, he sees our neighbor shooting pop bottle rockets at a pit bull who has gotten into his yard...always exciting in the 'hood. When David comes in, the mailman comes in for a chat, as well.

5:45--Yana is home and it's time for dinner. We're having soup, salad and bread, with cookies for dessert. We set aside some cookies to take to the neighbors tomorrow. Tonight is the Sabbath celebration and we love lingering over dinner.

7:00--We relax on the couches in the basement. David P. gets home after a very long day. He's been sick, so he chats for a few minutes and goes to bed. We've missed him today!

7:15--Family prayer time. Lord, prepare our hearts for worship tomorrow!

8:00--On Saturday nights everyone goes to their rooms early, so that we can read and pray. I finish up my chapter in Church History, and then say goodnight to all of my kiddos. David and I talk for awhile and then we're ready to sleep.

Oh, how I love each and every ordinary, extraordinarily blessed day here in Kansas City!


No Greater Love said...

Love it. But what is this about Jadon's hair getting cut?????

No Greater Love said...

Love it. But what is this about Jadon's hair getting cut?????

Dana Butler said...

This made me smile. Love it Sarah. Your fam is so precious.

Cheri said...

My life is not nearly as fun. We have very little structure and wing it at times. Thanks for sharing your Saturday with us.

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