little mommy

Monday, March 18, 2013

Grace has such a gentle, nurturing spirit.
She loves helping me with Kaikai.
But, since Kaikai is five pounds heavier and eight months older than her, Grace is limited in her mommy duties.
she makes due with what we've got.

Yep. That really is Maple in there, all bundled up.
And believe me, Maple actually loves it almost as much as Grace!
She took a long nap in this stroller, long after Grace was done playing with her.
I guess that not only do I have a little mommy in my house.
I've got a makeshift baby, as well.


this One's for the girls said...

Your dog is going to start thinking he's the baby too! This is so, so sweet!! What a honey!

Anonymous said...

You just made my day with this
blog. So, so cute,,,,dog and child. mm,vancouver,wa.

Aus said...

Outstanding! And how is it that our dogs just "understand" that this is what is expected? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

No Greater Love said...

Ha ha. That would be fun to do with Ruthie!!!!!

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