a whole lotta germ-sharin' going' on

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lily came home, sick, from school yesterday.
As you can see, Kaikai enjoyed having her to snuggle with him!

Then, last night, during our family reading time, there was a crew of snugglers.

Poor Lily felt worse this morning.
But, not so bad that she couldn't cuddle with her little brother,

I'm thinking that there is a high likelihood that after all this togetherness, I may have some more sick kiddos on my hands.

But, I'll you what, it'll be worth it.
I wouldn't trade all this lovin' for the world!


Jean said...

It's worth it!

However- use paper towels in the bathrooms and antibacterial soap!

BUT don't stop the snuggling!

Nikki said...

LOVE this!!!! Allie & Charu would be the EXACT same way!!! I can't wait to have more little lovies to snuggle with!!!

Rebecca said...

So precious... And I'll pray that the germs stay contained:)

Cheri said...

Poor Lily! But, oh how sweet!

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